Three samples of an eleganty typography style.

Ladies, can we talk about REAL wedding problems here?  I have been a guest at some amazing wedding celebrations this past Summer and I started noticing how stressed out I started feeling about choosing the right wedding attire.  Living in Florida, these events can be quite “steamy” and I am not talking about the honeymoon!

It’s the sleeve problem!   You gals of my age group know what I am referring to.  You under – 45 gals – just consider yourselves duely warned!  There comes a time in our lives, no matter how many times we hit the gym and exercise portion control, the skin on our upper inner arms just hangs and dangles.  ARGH!   Pashmina Shawls, anyone?

Now, one thing you don’t have to stress about:  the addressing of your wedding envelopes!  Leave the addressing/printing to us.  We have a quick turnaround  and our in-house printer quality is excellent.  It is amazing to see the variety of fonts and ink colors we have available.

Below are a few samples of our calligraphy printing offerings:


Elegant Typography Style Calligraphy

Three samples of an elegant typography style. Love the message on the upper left envelope flap: We’ve Picked the date!

Calligraphy Samples 3

Here are two examples of beautiful envelopes addressed in a traditional style of typography. Note the scallop-edge envelope on the right – so lovely and a real stand out!



Example of Elegantly simple Laser Printing Calligraphy

Above is an excellent example of just how simple, yet elegant, a laser printed envelope can be. Note the customized ink color to match any invitation ink color.




Outer and Inner Envelopes with Calligraphy Laser Printing

Outer and Inner Envelopes shown above. Note the ornamental decoration on the return address – a very special touch!


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